A Buyer’s Guide to Mini Wheel Loaders – Everun ER416T on Display

The world of construction is evolving, and at the heart of this evolution are the machines like the Everun ER416T mini wheel loader. If you’re in the market for a top-notch loader with innovative features, then you’ll want to know about this marvel of engineering. Here’s a comprehensive guide to this state-of-the-art machine, the Everun ER416T.

1. New Rops & Fops cabin – Safety, Spaciousness, and Comfort Redefined

The Everun ER416T comes with a Rops & Fops cabin, ensuring top-notch safety. Its spacious and comfortable interiors ensure a relaxed work environment.

2. Robust Frame Design – A Wider Steel Plate for Strength

With its new frame, the ER416T’s wider steel plate not only enhances its appearance but significantly improves its strength.

3. New Engine Hood for Superior Heat Dissipation

A powerful machine needs an efficient cooling system. The newly designed engine hood in the ER416T is engineered to provide better heat dissipation.


4. Articulated Floating Oscillating Structure – Flexible and Durable

Featuring an articulated floating oscillating structure, this loader is highly flexible on tough roads, extending its working life.


5. Easily Replaceable Battery

No need to struggle with battery replacement! The battery in the ER416T is conveniently placed above the rear frame.


6. Cast Iron Rear Counterweight – Stability During Operation

The cast iron rear counterweight ensures the ER416T remains stable during operation, providing you with a reliable and efficient working experience.


Additional Features:
– *Everun Articulated Oscillating Floating Joint:* Ensuring all four wheels stay in contact with the ground.
– *High-Quality Powder Coating:* Environmentally friendly and highly efficient.
– *High Shear Forces from Planetary Axle:* Providing flexible and economical operation.

A Wide Selection of Attachments & More
From ergonomic joystick controls to vibration-damped working areas, Everun ensures a variety of features to make your job as comfortable as possible. Multiple attachment options and a wide selection of tires make the ER416T a versatile tool for any task.

Technical Specifications
– *Engine Model:* Xinchai 498 BT1
– *Bucket Capacity:* 0.73m³
– *Rated Load:* 1600kg
– *Net Weight:* 4400kg
– *Overall Dimensions:* Length 5267mm, Height 2535mm, Width 1850mm

The Everun ER416T is not just a mini wheel loader; it’s a versatile and robust machine packed with features that offer unprecedented convenience and efficiency. With its state-of-the-art design and extensive features, it stands out as a valuable asset for any construction or agricultural project.

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