Everun Africa and Kense Boerdery: A Partnership Fueled by Excellence

Everun Africa and Kense Boerdery: A Partnership Fueled by Excellence

The story of Kense Boerdery is one of determination, passion, and perseverance. Over two decades ago, Mr. Kense embarked on his farming journey with a modest herd of 30 dairy cattle. Through sheer hard work and dedication to his craft, he nurtured his farm into a flourishing enterprise, now boasting an impressive herd size of over 700 cattle. This tale of growth and success serves as an inspiration to fellow farmers, demonstrating the boundless possibilities that lie within the realm of South African agriculture.

Everun Africa: Enabling Progress in Agriculture

Recognizing the potential and needs of visionary farmers like Mr. Kense, Everun Africa stands as a steadfast partner in their path towards further success. The company understands the challenges faced by the agricultural community and is committed to providing reliable and cost-effective machinery that not only simplifies farm operations and increases overall productivity.

The delivery of two Everun Front End Loaders to Kense Boerdery marks a milestone in this fruitful partnership. Among the newly acquired machines are the 1.2T, ER412T and the 2.0Ton, ER420T models, each meticulously designed to meet the specific requirements of a high-intensity farming operation. With Everun Loaders on their side, Kense Boerdery can now efficiently manage their dairy farm over 600-hectare in size and ensure that their cattle are well-fed year-round.

A Testimony of Excellence: 20,000 Litres of Milk Daily

Kense Boerdery’s output of a staggering 20,000 liters of milk per day speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence in dairy farming. Everun Africa takes immense pride in contributing to this remarkable achievement by providing the tools that streamline daily farm tasks and maximize efficiency.

The ER412T and ER420T Front End Loaders from Everun Africa are well-equipped to handle the demanding tasks of a dairy farm. From loading and transporting feed to assisting in various farm chores, these loaders are indispensable assets in Kense Boerdery’s operations.


Xinchai C490BPG
Rated Power 36.8kw
Loading Capacity 1200 kg


Xichai 4DX21-72
Rated Power 53kw
Loading Capacity 2000 kg

A Shared Vision of Success

The success of Kense Boerdery and Everun Africa is a testament to the synergy that arises when hard work, dedication, and well-built equipment converge. Both company’s share a common vision of progress, sustainability, and growth in the agricultural sector of Southern Africa. Together, they represent the epitome of what can be achieved when passion and service unite.

Looking Towards a Brighter Future

As Everun Africa continues to forge partnerships with forward-thinking farmers and agricultural enterprises, the future of farming in Southern Africa appears increasingly promising. With their commitment to delivering unwavering support to the farming community, Everun Africa is poised to be a driving force in developing the region’s agriculture for years to come.

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