Launching Everun Africa’s ERE12E: Revolutionizing Construction with Electric Mini Excavators

In a dynamic and constantly evolving industry like construction, embracing change and innovation is key to staying ahead of the curve. This is why the launch of Everun Africa’s ERE12E, a full Electric Mini Excavator, marks a pivotal moment in the industry.

With its fusion of advanced battery technology and cutting-edge design, this electric mini excavator provides an environmentally conscious solution without compromising on performance and efficiency. Let’s explore what makes the ERE12E a game-changing addition to the realm of construction machinery.

Powerful Performance

Powered by a 48V/200AH lithium battery, the ERE12E can provide up to 6 hours of seamless operation. This impressive performance mirrors the endurance of traditional excavators, making the ERE12E a worthy and eco-friendly alternative.

Advanced Design

Designed by Italian designers, the ERE12E’s aesthetic merges sleekness with functionality. Its 120° deflection boom, with 30° left and 90° right deflection, provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing the excavator to work efficiently in limited spaces — a testament to its adaptability.

Optimal Heat Dissipation

The ERE12E prioritizes machine longevity with its enhanced cooling system. The increase in air outlets aids in improving heat dissipation capacity, ensuring the machine remains cool during operation and performs optimally over time.

LED Working Light

For a clear view in diverse lighting conditions, the ERE12E is equipped with an LED working light. This feature not only enhances operator safety but also boosts productivity by enabling work to continue in low light situations.

Versatile Attachments

To meet various operational needs, the ERE12E comes with a range of attachments. Whether it’s digging, grading, or loading tasks, this excavator can be easily adapted to meet the challenges of diverse working conditions.

Expandable Undercarriage

Further enhancing its stability, the ERE12E features an expandable undercarriage. This feature ensures safe and secure operation on uneven or sloped terrains.

Key Specifications and Technical Parameters

Operating with a rated power of 4kW and maximum power of 6kW, the ERE12E has an operating weight of 1100kg and digging bucket capacity of 0.023cbm. With a digging bucket width of 380mm and a rubber track height of 310mm, it has the capability to reach a maximum digging depth of 1735mm and a maximum dumping height of 2248mm. Its chassis width is 870mm, with a platform back turning radius of 810mm.

The ERE12E embodies Everun’s commitment to creating durable and powerful machinery. Its launch ushers in a new era of electric mini excavators, setting a high standard for the future of construction machinery.

For more information on the ERE12E, or any other inquiries, please visit The construction industry continues to advance towards sustainable and efficient operations, and innovations like the ERE12E from Everun Africa are leading the charge.

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